SW Florida Burials At Sea
Scattering of ashes at sea is a respectful, dignified and affordable alternative for your loved ones or pets.

Scattering the ashes at sea has become an increasingly popular way of bringing a loved one or beloved pet to their final place of rest. It is a time honored tradition that can be a very spiritual way of paying your last respects. SW Florida Burials At Sea provides the service of scattering of ashes at sea in a peaceful and respectful manner. Our location in Southwest Florida makes this option very appealing because of the quick and easy access to the Gulf Of Mexico. Captain Ross will escort family members three miles out into the Gulf of Mexico in accordance with Federal law. Up to six people may attend the ceremony. For those that cannot or would prefer not to attend, we offer unattended scatterings. The exact longitude and latitude is marked so the exact spot can be visited in the future. A certificate with this information is provided to you as part of the service. Paperwork required for burial at sea is filed with the appropriate agency in a timely manner as required by law by the Captain. Ashes can be placed in the water in several ways. They are sometimes poured into the water or lowered in a biodegradable urn. Using a biodegradable urn reduces the problems that can be caused by the wind or waves. The trip usually lasts approximately two hours. Families often drop cut flowers or rose petals into the water following the placement of the ashes. We offer the service of scattering ashes for pets and your loved ones. Please explore the rest of our site for more information and pricing on our services.

Scattering Ashes At Sea.